The cost of cleaning services of DEN cleaning company in Russia

Cleaning company «DEN» is one of the most actively developing companies in the Russian cleaning market. Certainly, it has become possible thanks to the professionalism and continuous improvement of qualification of our staff. However, many companies holding tender for cleaning services pay the greatest attention to the cost of cleaning services.

The price for cleaning — what it consists of and what issues are important to pay attention to while signing the contract with the cleaning company?

It often happens that clients calling to cleaning company immediately want to know the exact cost of cleaning their facility, or at least the cost of cleaning per one square meter. But how can we compare the industrial plant cleaning, cleaning at school and cleaning at the shopping mall? After all, every facility has its own specifics and peculiarities. The majority of our customers is large commercial facilities for and thanks to which we are constantly developing and improving standards of cleanliness, set in the cleaning industry.

There are some companies that indicate on their websites the concrete prices for all kinds of services. The client is able even to calculate the expected sum to pay, but when you order their services, or worse, after work gets done, you can receive a bill with different sum which sometimes exceed the original amount in times. To protect our customers from such problems, our manager comes at the object for analysis. That’s why our clients before signing the contract and the beginning of official cooperation receive fair price for the cleaning services.

In the formation of prices for cleaning we take into account such indicators:

1. Facility size is a key factor in the formation of price. The more space to clean, the correspondingly higher will be a total price of the order, but the cost of cleaning per one square meter will decrease. We take into account not only the area of ​​the facility, but also ceilings height; quantity of glazed surfaces; type of coating on the floor, walls and ceiling.

2. Second important factor is the type and specifics of serviced facility. Any room — production facility, warehouse, office, shop, theater or private residence — has a range of features. Some facilities require constant wet cleaning, some – regular disinfection, and others — daily polishing of glass surfaces, etc. Managers of our company have strong experience in calculating cost of cleaning works at various facilities. We will take into account all features of your order and help you to choose among all types of cleaning that may be needed at your facility.

3. Type of cleaning service is also an important factor in pricing.

Among the services that the company «DEN» provides are:

In any case, the client will get more benefit if he orders complex cleaning services, which include a number of different types of leaning: you will save time and money, and we get economy from transportation cost of cleaners’ brigade.

4. All the previous factors are the basis for one of the most important components of the price of cleaning services — number of cleaning staff. Payment of employees is the most significant part in the formation of prices for cleaning. The number of service workers who we train and employ is calculated from the working schedule of the facility, its specifics and types of required cleaning services.

5. Cleaning machines, equipment and chemicals is the last element comprising facility cleaning price. On the amount of consumables, as well as customer preferences on their manufacturer will depend the total price for the services.

Cleaning company «DEN», forming prices for our service, takes into account all these factors. Therefore, our clients receive the best price for the cleaning of high quality, not only taking into account the specifics of the facility, but also the client’s preferences. Among our customers are: factories, shopping and entertainment centers, business centers and offices, shops and boutiques, schools, trains and train stations and many others. We earn the loyalty of all these companies by a quality persistent everyday work.

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