Сleaning warehouses and logistics centers

Cleaning of warehouses and logistics centersAny company or business related to the production, trade, movement and storage of any goods has warehouses or logistics centers. In their walls is a constant process of receiving, issuing and processing products. Cleaning warehouses and logistics centers is an important part of maintaining all business processes. High-quality cleaning — means the order and in good order logistics would work perfectly.

Logistics centers and warehouses are usually characterized by large areas, which are constantly moving loading and unloading equipment. Supported in warehouses and a certain temperature, which often depends on the type of stored goods. Undoubtedly, clean and tidy at such facilities has its own specificity, which is well acquainted with professional experts cleaning company «DEN» in Moscow and other Russian cities. Daily professional cleaning warehouses and logistics centers is also important because it is stored in the premises of the goods or products must be in perfect order to get to the designated schedule on the shelves of supermarkets, drugstores and other businesses.

Therefore, the daily cleaning a warehouse and logistics center work is done strictly given the specialization of stored products, so as not to damage it. This is especially true of food. Much attention is paid to cleaning and maintenance of floor coverings, as they are traces of serious pollution from cargo-handling mechanisms. To do this, you need to have a special sweepers and scrubber equipment and apply professional detergents.

It is clear that with such a complex and large amount of work can handle only a professional team cleaning company, armed with all the necessary equipment and certified agents. General cleaning possible not just in warehouses, but also in adjacent areas. We offer many types of cleaning, including daily cleaning of office space and high-quality professional cleaning areas from the debris of her accomplishment. Very useful to a large warehouse and logistics center high-altitude work from the company «DEN» — for example, to check the condition of the roof, the performance of its repair or cleaning the roof of icicles, ice dams snow in the winter. All this will perform industrial climbing and professional experts of our company.

Cleaning of warehouses and logistics centers from the company «DEN»

If other cleaning companies in Moscow and major Russian cities only get to his feet, the company «DEN» service on the market for warehouses and logistics centers already won leading positions and since 2000 has been providing cleaning services for warehouses and logistics centers.
Cleaning the warehouse - the company DENWe have staffed by teams of specialists who are well acquainted with the specifics of cleaning of the premises. Our employees are regularly held training courses, which are introduced to all the novelties in the field of cleaning, master advanced technology and equipment, study appeared on the market an innovative washing and cleaning preparations.

Skilful and responsible workers, high-performance cleaning equipment, effective detergents and competent organization of workflow allows flawlessly perform the full range of works on cleaning logistics centers and warehouses, which include:

  • cleaning all surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • Wash walls and shelves;
  • Cleaning and washing floor coverings;
  • washing entrances;
  • cleaning toilets;
  • garbage collection in the warehouse and on the adjacent territory.

The professional approach of «DEN» to the service of logistics centers and warehouse complexes based on modern logistics and competent organization of labor, guarantee excellent results of our activities, which will satisfy the most demanding customer. We offer a wide range of other services cleaning: daily or one-time cleaning offices, professional and very high quality cleaning territories, execute complex ad hoc high-altitude work for all types of facilities, provide high-level cleaning after repair and debris removal.

Call us today to consult on any matter of cleaning the warehouse or logistics center. You always get the detailed information that make sure that your room will take for the real professionals, capable to restore exemplary cleanliness in any warehouse. Cleaning warehouse or logistics center will be executed perfectly!