Cleaning services

  • Cleaning houses and cottages
    With the advent of cleaning companies, cleaning houses, homes and offices no longer take time, so precious in our time.
  • Spring Cleaning
    Windows washing , facades, cleaning by high pressure washer, chemical cleaning of textile and hard surfaces, dry (dry mop-system) and wet cleaning (wet mop-system); Crystallization of solid surfaces, Sandblast, Application of protective coatings; Gardening and Landscaping design, removal of garbage and much more.
  • Daily complex cleaning
    Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, windows washing, façade; Dry cleaning (washing) of marble, granite, hardwood, stone and plastic flooring, cleaning blinds, cleaning after a fire, flood, Poslestroitelnaya cleaning, cleaning after repair, debris removal ; cleaning car interiors, coating polymer films, polishing marble, granite, solid surface crystallization; service communications.
  • Cleaning after renovation and construction
    Poslestroitelnaya cleaning — a thorough cleaning of the premises with the use of special cleaning equipment and professional chemical agents. Cleaning of all types of surfaces from stains of paint, glue, mortar and materials, dust and other contaminants.
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture
    In the operation of carpeting is collected in the dust, sand, hard, heavy particles that fall to the bottom of the pile, begin to cut the fiber when stepped on them feet. Grains with sharp edges triggered as scissors, cutting off the pile. Carpet fibers begins to dust on the surface of the carpet appear …
  • Cleaning and treatment of solid floors
    Due to intensive mechanical (abrasion, chips, cuts) and chemical (water, protivosolevye reagents, dirt) effects over time, any floor surface wear. To prolong the life …
  • Cleaning of windows, shop-windows and facades
    Office of the company and its image, starting from the building in which it is located. Our company has extensive experience in organizing of the work for cleaning
  • Cleaning industrial facilities
    Industrial cleaning or in other words, professional cleaning of production facilities, includes cleaning and cleaning of production areas and facilities, as well as …
  • Cleaning the surrounding areas
    Cleaning adjacent areas, maintain cleanliness of any kind of territory, regardless of the nature of coverage: the territory about trading or business center, supermarket, warehouse area, or enterprise, or is it just the yard of a house
  • Caring for granite and marble
    Despite the fact that the stone is one of the most durable natural materials, products, and polished slab of it requires careful handling, regular cleaning and special care.
  • The services of elevated jobs
    High-altitude work verholaznye
  • Rope and high-altitude work
    Sandblasting and metal facades higher than3 m, Repair, replacement and installation of drainage pipes, sinks and metal, assembly, disassembly, repair and maintenance: the outdoor advertising (any type), ornaments for buildings, outdoor electrical wiring, lighting, cameras, antennas, air conditioners, air ducts and other attachments; Sandblasting and metal facades higher than3 m; washing windows, facades, windows at heights; Waterproofing intersectional joints, waterproofing and minor repairs of the roof, painting and corrosion treatment of metal, painting and repairing the facades of buildings of any complexity; Cleaning roofs and facades of buildings from snow and ice removal of icicles, and removal of hazardous trees kronirovanie; Services climbers.