The services of elevated jobs

High-altitude work verholaznye

  1. Washing windows, facades, windows at a height
  2. Installation, dismantling, repair and maintenance of outdoor advertising (any type), ornaments for buildings, outdoor electrical wiring, lighting, cameras, antennas, air conditioners, air ducts and other attachments
  3. Repair, replacement and installation of drainage pipes, sinks and steel structures
  4. Sandblasting facades and steel structures above3 m
  5. Painting and repairing the facades of buildings of any complexity
  6. Painting and anticorrosion steel structures
  7. Waterproofing and minor repairs of the roof
  8. Waterproofing intersectional joints
  9. Cleaning roofs and facades of buildings from snow and ice removal icicles
  10. Removal of dangerous trees and kronirovanie
  11. Industrial Services climbers