Rope and high-altitude work

Rope, a service of cleaning companies — a phenomenon quite young.

The most popular industrial rock climbing was just recently, while high-rise offices and buildings.

Agree that if your office is located at 20 or 40 floors, wash the windows outside qualitatively, without the help of professionals, rather difficult. In this, as well as many other cases, you will help industrial facilities climbers.

One of the priorities of our cleaning company is the «Rope», which includes performing aerial work of all kinds, and any difficulties that an inexperienced person to perform, no special equipment is impossible.

It can be painting and repairing the buildings, washing and cleaning the facade, windows, or windows at a height, sandblasting, painting and corrosion treatment of metal, any high-rise installation and dismantling.

Our company offers services to industrial alpinism, which include high-altitude work of all kinds:

  • Painting and repair of facades of buildings of any complexity;
  • Washing of windows, facades and windows at a height;
  • Sandblasting and metal facades higher than3 m;
  • Painting and repair of facades of buildings of any complexity;
  • Painting and anti-corrosion treatment of metal;
  • Installation and removal, repairs and maintenance: the outdoor advertising (any type), ornaments for buildings, outdoor electrical wiring, lighting, cameras, antennas, air conditioners, air ducts and other attachments;
  • Waterproofing and minor repairs of the roof;
  • Waterproofing intersectional joints;
  • Clean the roof and facades of buildings from snow and ice removal of icicles;
  • Removal of dangerous trees and kronirovanie;
  • Services climbers.

industrial high rise works able to resolve all issues related to the need for certain work at height. If you need to, for example, to install an air conditioner or other attachments, ductwork, outdoor advertising, to place on the building decoration, to install or repair the waterproofing of the roof, in this and similar cases, the service is «Rope», provided by our company is to you very important.

Rope and decides to seasonal issues, such as cleaning the roof and facades of buildings from snow and ice. We also help with the removal of hazardous trees and kronirovaniem.

In other words, if you need an aerial work of any type and complexity, professional industrial climbers of our company successfully solve all the tasks set before them.

We have all necessary licenses, permits and certificates.