Cleaning after renovation and construction

Cleaning after renovation — a thorough cleaning of the premises with the use of special cleaning equipment and professional chemical agents. Cleaning of all types of surfaces from stains of paint, glue, mortar and materials, dust and other contaminants. Removal of debris left after construction or repair. Cleaning of external areas.

Professional cleaning is a must poslestroitelnaya before the commissioning of an object.

Cleaning after renovation or construction includes the following activities:

  •  Collection and removal of construction debris (fragments of bricks, building materials, etc.)
  • removal of dirt from the surface of the building floor, walls and Communications;
  • Machine cleaning of hard floors (granite, marble, tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.)
  • Dry cleaning of carpets (stain removal and stubborn dirt)
  • cleaning of furniture
  • dust removal and cleaning of the heating radiators
  • Remove dust and wash baseboards
  • Remove dust and dirt from the upper parts of walls, vents, wall protrusions
  • washer door units
  • cleaning and polishing of mirrors and glass surfaces
  • cleaning of sinks, sanitary ware, toilet bowls, urns, accessories
  • Wiping dust and dirt removal from all horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • washing windows, storefronts and signage
  • thorough cleaning of the premises «turnkey»

Cleaning after renovatiion is the most effective service after construction or repair of any premises. Order this kind of cleaning a positive impact in the further exploitation of real estate.

By entrusting us to clean, do you trust the professionals, and can be assured of fast and qualitative execution of his order.