Outsourcing and outstaffing of personnel at industrial enterprises

Each industrial enterprise is inherently complicated business organism, which creates a certain kind of product. In this process various staff is involved. However, in addition to the workers and technical personnel directly engaged in the process, every production needs additional services. It is usually the accounting sector, maintenance of computer equipment and local area networks, personnel service, and personnel which supports cleanliness of the premise.

Performing all these functions in the production requires a large staff of employees and, consequently, a significant, but not always justified financial costs. Today things have changed and there is an alternative in the form of outsourcing and outstaffing of non-direct functions of the enterprise. Especially popular at the production plants are becoming IT services outsourcing and cleaning service.

Outsourcing involves transfer of functions, such as cleaning, to the companies specializing in the provision of such services. Cleaning company creates brigades of professional cleaners, provides them with the necessary cleaning equipment, specialized machines, professional cleaning agents, monitors and ensures the quality of cleaning at each premise it is servicing.

Outstaffing is the format of cooperation, when a part of the service staff of the enterprise gets employed by the cleaning company. What concerns a need to purchase necessary cleaning equipment and detergents, their acquisition remains in charge of the customer enterprise. This form of cooperation is profitable for those clients who kept the cleaners in their staff and have bought the cleaning equipment, but came to a conclusion that it’ll be more rational to delegate these functions to the cleaning company. Any of these options can be beneficial, becoming a significant component of the optimization process of industrial cleaning.

The benefits of outsourcing and outstaffing are:

• Optimization of the staff number and reducing maintenance costs;

• Reduction of the taxable income, as the costs of cleaning services are involved in “other articles of expences”;

• ensuring staff rotation and its regular training;

• improving the quality of cleaning.

The company «DEN» works with our respected clients at any comfortable conditions of cooperation. Attracting skilled workers using outsourcing provides a high European level of cleaning at our client’s premises. And this is due to the fact that our professional staff is different from usual cleaners by their high professionalism which enables them to orient perfectly in the newest effective detergents and select them properly, depending on the situation. Also our cleaning staff is perfectly skilled to operate the advanced cleaning equipment and machines.

Many businesses had already duly appreciated the advantages of cooperation in the format of outsourcing and out staffing. Join one of them, becoming the partner of the cleaning company «DEN».