Outsourcing and outstaffing of cleaning for transport companies and logistics centers

Each transport company or logistics center successfully operates at the competent organization of the integrated management of all the processes, associated with main production. However, along with the activities, directly connected with production or main service, there are always non-direct processes at the facility. In order not to be distracted by their solving and in the meantime not to spend a lot of time and financial resources, many organizations now use such forms of contract labor, as outsourcing and outstaffing. Especially often to this format of cooperation with third-party experts companies are keeping concerning cleaning services and to ensure providing of physical security of objects.

Multi-profile cleaning company «DEN» has long been practicing providing of various services in the form of outsourcing and outstaffing. Our range of services is not limited to the provision of services in professional cleaning; we also are offering laundry service to our clients.

If your transport company or logistics center has not taken the opportunity of such cooperation, it is really worth to think about it. Experts believe that the involvement of the contractor to carry out maintenance of warehouse premises and adjacent areas within outsourcing and outstaffing reduces personnel costs and saves money.

Outsourcing and its features

In essence, referring to outsourcing, the customer buys the services from the specialized company for a certain amount of compensation provided by treaty obligations, and get quality work done. Typically, these costs are significantly lower than that of their own cleaning staff, purchase of the special equipment and other costs associated with the implementation of non-core business operations. Thanks to outsourcing the efficiency of the organization and proper implementation of the necessary range of cleaning and other works can be qualitatively improved.

The core essence of outstaffing

The peculiarity of this format is that a particular part of the staff is transferred to the state of the cleaning company, but continues to work at the premise of the client company. The benefit of this cooperation is determined by the fact that outstaffer is responsible for tasks of training; organization of work processes and controls all stages of their implementation. But providing special equipment and detergents is left at the responsibility of the customer.

Whatever form of cooperation transport companies or logistics centers choose, in any case, it will be mutually beneficial cooperation since our company performs quality cleaning works that you can concentrate on core business objectives.