Outsourcing and outstaffing of cleaning for retailers, business centers and offices

Today in our country cleaning services on the basis of outsourcing are gaining popularity. The growing interest in this format of cooperation can be explained by its rationality, since the implementation of non-core operations is performed by the staff members of a specialized outsourcing third-party company where such works are officially employed and do their key working activities. Thus, without being distracted by secondary-to-the-core-business activity and numerous details connected with it, the customer focuses on the priority and dominant business issues. This makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the enterprise, its market success, just because everybody does its job. Both parties — the client company and the supplier company — at outsourcing of non-core activity are to perform the only work that they can do best.

In most cases, cleaning services on outsourcing today are provided to the companies with large retail chains, business centers with huge office space, etc. The owners of these companies have long understood the advantageous side of outsourcing and completely stopped keeping their own cleaning staff. The basis for this cooperation schemes are usually the contract concluded between the parties for a year or more.

Some organizations choose another form of cooperation, called outstaffing. It implies transferring the non-productive staff of the client company to the state of specialized cleaning company. This form of cooperation is created to delegate part of the organizational procedures to a cleaning company, entrusting not only execution of cleaning services, but – what’s more important – control over the quality over the work done. What concerns purchasing of cleaning machined, detergants and equipment for cleaning, they remain in charge of the customer.

Both types of cooperation are offered by the cleaning company «DEN» keeping duties to perform systematic cleaning to maintain perfect order & purity in your supermarket or business center, including the adjacent territory.

Format of outsourcing cleaning guarantees you the high quality of works, and does not require the customer to delve into the nuances of the organization of processes of cleaning, the procurements of means required for cleaning and taking them onto company’s balance. Professional cleaning within outstaffing is beneficial thanks to using qualified staff which is trained by the cleaning company and acquires all necessary professional skills. Brigades have mobility and are able to perform the work at any time convenient to the client and of any duration.

Each company is choosing the most convenient format for itself. Refer to the cleaning company «DEN»; ​​we are ready to work on any chosen format of cooperation to provide the perfect purity at your premise. The main thing for us is not a form of cooperation, but your trust.