Outsourcing and outstaffing of cleaning at government, financial and healthcare institutions

Yesterday concepts such as outsourcing and outstaffing were absolutely incomprehensible, but times change, and today the services of this type use not only large comprehensive businesses, but also public sector organizations and medical institutions.

These two forms of services differ, but they are built on the same principle — the transfer of the tasks that are not related to the key functions of an organization to other specialized companies. Usually the services provided on the conditions of outsourcing or outstaffing include security, cleaning, and providing technical and engineering maintenance of buildings and services. Many specialized companies focus their attention exclusively on one of the aforesaid activities; others have expanded the list of services. The cleaning company «DEN» belongs to such multiservice organizations, offering our potential partners a range of services in terms of outsourcing and outstaffing.

If you settle on the choice of co-operation in the form of outsourcing, we take on all the issues of cleaning works, starting from recruitment of the service personnel, their registration, training, provision of necessary equipment and up to control of the quality of all carried out cleaning works. We have all the necessary staff, including HR, Procurement managers and our own training department and Quality Control Service.

The issue of cleanliness is important for all organizations and companies, but it has a crucial significance for health care organizations. Today, many clinics and hospitals pass cleaning functions to outsourcing. These include professional cleaning of premises and adjacent territory to medical facility, laundry of bedclothing and drapes, provision of medical protective clothing.

Outstaffing in cleaning is the selection and enlistment to the state of the cleaning company of cleaners who provide services to the customer-company. All other arrangements are kept at the responsibility of the client.

Outstaffing of cleaning is widely used format of services by financial institutions. This allows HR managers, procurement service and other workers not to be distracted by solving of minor, but essential issues for the functioning of the organization.

Specialized Company «DEN» is ready to provide you with cleaning and other services in Moscow and other regions in terms of outsourcing or outstaffing. We are working to be your reliable and responsible partner ever!