World cleaning Traditions have been revealed


In the world there are more than 190 countries and each is unique in its laws, mentality, traditions and even the approach to cleaning! Some people spend the whole day for cleaning, others are clean their houses only once a month, and in some countries, people love to spend cleaning while listening to music.

One of the largest companies in the world in production of household appliances conducted an interesting research aimed at examining the traditions and principles of establishing order in different countries. In the research took part more than 28 thousand people from the whole world. The research revealed some interesting facts related to the process of cleaning.


In some European countries, in Sweden and Germany, people do not often do cleaning in summer. But the Russians, by contrast, are much less likely to clean the house in winter, especially using a vacuum cleaner (probably thinking that in winter there is less which is fundamentally not true). Such participants turned out 30%.

Residents of Colombia, Mexico and Brazil more than others love to listen to music while cleaning. Fewer residents of Russia clean with music — 31%; cleaning process is accompanied mainly pop music, sometimes rock. The Japanese do not listen to music while cleaning, preferring «to think about what is vacuumed».

Most often cleaning is accomplished in Turkey: there people clean the room with a vacuum cleaner several times a day, Russians — 1 time per week, and Chinese do vacuum cleaning once a month, or even less.

Also there was revealed an interesting point: among USA, Sweden and Norway residents, there is a high percentage of fans to clean the room without clothes! In Russia, these fans had accumulated 2% and 6% hoover in underwear. Most of Korean people wear for cleaning a special suit (76%).

Vacuum cleaning

Respondents from Colombia and Mexico prefer not to vacuum the living room, but the Argentines and Chileans rarely put things in order in their bedrooms.

The most annoying aspect of vacuuming was called noise that is made by vacuum cleaner during operation; this opinion is mutual for the vast majority of survey participants.

The research results can be summed up as follows: the frequency and methods of cleaning in differs throughout the world, but at the same time we all have one common goal: a life in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.

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