Winter cleaning of the neighboring territory

Winter in Russia is a cold, snowy, and unpredictable season. Therefore, this period of time requires special attention to cleaning of the neighborhood. Cleaning in winter requires not only appropriate equipment and reagents, but also the necessary skills, as well as the regularity of cleaning works done.

Yard of your house, the area around the warehouse, factory, shop, bank or office should be prepared for any weather. And the amount of work depends primarily of weather conditions. Nature may prepare us any surprise, to which it is desirable to prepare ahead of time:

— Snowfall;

— Icy spots;

— Icing and ice (on roads, power lines, windows, etc.);

— Sudden thaw.

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If during the cleaning process of the neighboring territory ones don’t eliminate the effects from the snowfall, it is possible that the entrances to your building, or even pedestrians will be blocked to access. Ice on the doorstep or in the yard is very dangerous for human health, and generally the ice have to be  removed immediately, because at any moment icicles can fall on pedestrians or cars.

Usual cleaning of the neighboring territory in winter is done by street cleaner, who is equipped with minimum set of inventory, outdated machines and cheapest agents. Winter cleaning process, organized on the professional level, is very different from the level of household cleaning.

Calling to the cleaning company, you will learn that you no longer need to buy your own snowblower, hire a car for snow removal, buy large stocks of sand, salt and anti-icing equipment, search and hire cleaning specialists. It is also important to understand that any cleaning process requires control, which is sure to be provided by the cleaning company. Sometimes in winter you will need to use a tractor or hire the services of industrial climbers to remove frost and icicles.


Specialists from cleaning company are able to organize quality and in time cleaning of your territory during the winter. Cleaning company «DEN» has many years’ experience in providing cleaning services. Our specialists can:

— Clear the area from snow (sidewalks, roadway, parking, etc.);

— Organize snow removal;

— Eliminate icing input groups (steps, sills, doors);

— Remove frost (dangerous ice build-up on the roof, windows and balconies);

— Cure the pathways with anti-ice reagents, etc.

If you hire specialists from cleaning company DEN, it will be cured professionally and even the most severe winters will be easy for your customers or visitors. Specialists of cleaning company «DEN» will relieve you from the problems associated with cleaning in the winter. You can simply call us and your territory will be guaranteed to be safe and well-cured.

Sibcerely Yours, cleaning company » DEN».