Windows which are not afraid of water and dirt


Transparent  and shining with cleanliness windows are not just pleasant to the eyes, but also are an open gateway for natural lighting.

How often should you wash the windows, so that they remain clean as long as possible? We are used to carry out these procedures twice a year in spring and autumn. Probably everyone was having trouble with regularity — as soon as you washed your windows — it rains. When this concerns just a few windows in the apartment, such a nuisance will not cause great problems. But what shall you do with high  skyscrapers, all- glass-facaded – like a one large window?

glass facade

While cleaning facade of building sometimes takes weeks, with usage of the latest technology and a large number of staff. Moreover, the cost of cleaning the façade reach tens of thousands UAH, so we shall not allow an ordinary rain to destroy the whole effect of cleaning the facade.

How to make windows washing more effective and at the same time — a rare procedure? This question was asked to the scientists. Thanks to that nowadays in the arsenal of builders and cleaners had appeared hydrophobic materials and coatings. The principle of work of such coatings is simple: water drops jump off the glass surface of wet façade, treated with hydrophobic, just like rubber balls. Thus on the newly cleaned facade don’t appear any sag and bleed lines after the first rain.

Furthermore, there are not only waterproof, but also dirt-repellent coating for vertical surfaces of glass, through which facades will remain clean for a long time, even after a dusty winds and torrential rains.

rainy weather

Thus, the main goal of treatment facade with hydrophobic is dirt prevention. An interesting application of this technology was found in the production of solar cells. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts found that the surface of such batteries, after some time of work is covered in dust and dirt, making the absorption efficiency of solar energy fall by almost 40%.  They decided to improve the technology of water-repellent surface making the surface from microscopic glass cones that literally repel water and dirt. Thus the surface cleanliness prolongs its existence also due to its physical design features.

Now scientists are developing the most affordable way to produce this innovation, for such glass has become affordable even for ordinary domestic manufacturers of windows. And while, we have the opportunity to enjoy more affordable novelties. Even if you are not able to replace your windows with new water repellent ones, after the next cleaning you can easily apply a special coating that will extend the cleanliness of your windows.

It’s recommended to order a washing facades service from the professional cleaning company. Then you will not need to do much to your windows again, but just be pleased with the cleanliness and freshness of the look of your facade.

Sincerely Yours, «DEN» Cleaning company.