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Underground garbage containers

Underground garbage containers

Back in the 90s a Finnish engineer Veikko Sally implemented the project, which aimed to provide a method for collecting waste, which would be hygienic, ecological, economic, and most importantly — aesthetic. The idea of the project was that the waste containers must be underground. Such a system of underground waste collection was first established in the company Molok Oy, founded by Veikko Sally.

Soon, these containers were installed also in residential areas of different cities in Finland, and they become liked by the townspeople.

Nowadays the system itself has changed and looks as follows: on the surface of the ground are waste bins acting as rubbish chute and under the ground the containers are installed in a special elevator that takes the garbage into containers. Container and waste bins are connected and completely sealed. By the way, such receivers break several times more often than the usual waste bin.

Such a storage system of garbage has many advantages:

— Underground garbage containers, as a rule, have a large volume and allow economizing on the trash pickup;

— The durability of the system, which allows it to operate without repair for a long time and which work does not depend on weather conditions;

Sealed construction prevents leakage of fluid, and a special cover helps to avoid contact with birds, animals and various improper objects;

— Containers have a unique shape, which provides that the old garbage is pressed in the lower part of container, as the container is deep in the earth, low soil temperature doesn’t allow pathogenic bacteria develop in the garbage;

— waste bins may be of any material and color that enables to match the landscape and any architecture.

It is also noteworthy that the access to these bins can be managed, for example, only within bringing cards, as the garbage disposal is charged separately. Thus, the use of such systems is possible only when presenting a card, it will prevent unauthorized discharge of waste by outsiders, thus, and each user pays only for their own garbage.