The era of cleaning robots has started!


We are no longer surprised by the news of a new robot, its artificial intelligence, design and functions. And at the same time, we often clean the apartment by ourselves, using an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

According to the statistical service data of the United States, many of us spend on cleaning from 6% to 9% of life. Of course, not many of us thought that the robot can not only be shocking news on the Internet, but also a useful helper at home, for example, a robot cleaner. This device appeared in the original production in the early 2000s. How its work is simple — it will move around the room, removing dust and debris, avoiding obstacles in its path.

Robot vacuum cleaner

History of the evolution of this device has gone through several stages – now the 3rd generation of robotic vacuum cleaners is released. Most recent vacuum cleaners not only find their way independently to the charger, being charged and then continue cleaning. Compared with the older models that had to be manually released, the new robot vacuum cleaner can independently reset the accumulated garbage in a special station. This is very important because the small-sized cleaner is quickly filled, and for further work it is necessary to be cleared out.

Station for robot vacuum cleaner

Modern robot cleaners are able to determine the size of the premise and avoid dangerous obstacles themselves; you no longer need to specify the dimensions of the room (as in previous models), or create imaginary wall (infra-red beacons that block the movement of the vacuum cleaner in a certain direction). Today, the device analyzes the space itself and determines its trajectory.

Certainly, such a great assistant is able to make life easier by making household chores less noticeable. And if you prefer a comprehensive approach to cleaning, combined with high quality service, it is better to contact a professional cleaning company «DEN» on a single number for the whole of Russia

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