Stain on clothes — no reason for despair!

You put on your favorite thingand accidentally put there a spot. What to do in this case — to throw the thing away?!


Stain on clothes

Do not rush as there are some very effective ways to save your things from such «surprises».

Usually to mind come detergents and stain removers, but there is a couple of nuances. All stain removers contain mainly chlorine, so if you remove the stain from a colored tissue, you will eliminate it most likely together with the paint, so the clothes will be spoiled. The liquid should be soft to not fade fabrics and spare fabric. Therefore, choosing a stain remover, pay attention to its composition. Laundry detergent, as a rule, can eliminate light pollution or dust. But, unfortunately, it can’t cope with such contaminants as fat and traces of cosmetics.

While removing stains, be sure to pay attention to the label of the clothes to select the appropriate temperature of washing. The main mistake in removing blood stains from clothing is hot water. If such a thing is washed at high temperatures, the spot shall remain forever. An effective remover of bloodstains is usual hydrogen peroxide! Simply pour peroxide on the stain, let it slightly «shhhshhh» and dissolve the stain. Then rinse the clothes in cold (!) water using detergent.

With spots of makeup and deodorant copes denatured or ammonia spirit. Simply wipe the stain swab dipped in spirit, then wash it as usual thing.

Effective means for removing grease stains are salt, talc and cornstarch. Just sprinkle the stain with one of these products. However, this method is effective only if the spot is fresh. Ingrained grease stains can be removed with dishwashing detergent. Again, you shall take into account its composition.

To remove stains from sauces, mustard or soup moisten them with glycerine, then wash in warm water and soap.

Using glycerol as a solution in equal proportions with vodka or egg yolk, it is possible to remove stains from fruit juices, berries, tea and wine. You can also sprinkle salt stain (stain must be fresh) and leave it for 40 minutes. After that, wash the item in cold water.

Sometimes, the procedure should be repeated a couple of times, but do not despair — you will get an amazing results!