Soap Nuts — a godsend for washing and cleaning

Soap Nuts

Soap Nuts

There’s no secret that washing powders have negative impact on the environment – phosphates which are present mostly in all types of powders contaminate wastewater, and then end up in water reservoirs, thus contaminating the water and land.

Soap Nuts is a new alternative to the usual washing powder, given by our mother nature, growing in Pakistan, India and other Eastern states.

Of course, the name of the plant is not entirely correct, because the fruits growing on the soap tree are actually berries, and the reason of their nickname of their similarity with nuts.

Saponins are contained in a fairly large amount in these fruits and are natural detergents. They perfectly dissolve dirt, grease, and can «kill» bacteria.

Saponins produce foam without alkaline reaction. Foam, of course, will be weaker than that of the usual washing means, but washing will be just of the same effectiveness. And for allergy sufferers (of substances of chemical origin) soap nuts will become salvation.

By the way, soap nuts are suitable for any application – you can wash clothes, clean the windows and even take a bath!