«Smart» facade saves the energy

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in an office building with a glass facade needs an incredible amount of energy. According to the research conducted in Germany, almost half of all electricity consumed goes to the skyscrapers of glass — they need heating, cooling and ventilation throughout the year.



Taking into account the complexity of providing insulation of the big glass facades, in the summer they turn into a greenhouse and in the winter — into the freezer. That is why the biggest share of the city energy is consumed by such buildings. Being concerned about this problem, the scientists of the Institute of Technology in Dresden, began work on the creation of technology of the «smart» facade, which goal is to reduce energy consumption.

The concept of development is as follows: special fabric is brazed with titanium-nickel wires, then part of the matter is attached to the glass surface, or between the individual components of the facade. As soon as the sun’s rays fall into the glass, the textile fragments open up like an umbrella and create a kind of big «curtain», and when the sun hides behind the clouds, the material takes its primary form and the windows become transparent again.

Also the elements can provide the required temperature of the desired surface and regulate the penetration of the sunlight in certain areas. In addition, such «protection» can not only save the energy, but also help to diversify boring look of the office buildings — the designers promise to produce them in a different shape, pattern and color.

And while the novelty will make its way around the world, we have to work in the same boring skyscrapers. The most important thing here is to carry out the regular cleaning of the facade, in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the building and allow the sunlight to come inside