Say Yes to Vinegar!



If you look in the locker of every housewife, you can see the entire arsenal of detergents and cleaning products, which are used daily to clean the hard surfaces, upholstery and carpets, mirrors and windows, and other things.

However, there is absolutely eco-friendly alternative to the most cleaning products that we use, and which is in every home. It is ordinary vinegar.

The use of vinegar is very simple, and most importantly — it’s an inexpensive way to get rid of germs, bacteria and mold. Vinegar becomes disinfectant due to acetic acid, which is its main component.

For people suffering from allergic reactions to chemical cleaners, use vinegar for cleaning is simply irreplaceable.

Here are some simple ways to use vinegar:

1. If you do the cleaning, use a normal 5% solution of vinegar.

2. You can use vinegar solution to clean fruits and vegetables — it will kill a variety of bacteria and viruses.

3. Since the vinegar neutralizes allergens that generate dust mites, you can safely clean the floors, shelves and other surfaces where dust settles with it.

4. To remove the fungus, mold or limescale on the surfaces in the bathroom, one can pour vinegar to this place, and then wipe it with a sponge.

5. To clean heavy stains, make a solution of vinegar, a quarter of glass of baking soda and a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. This solution is also an excellent degreaser.

6. Mix a quarter cup of vinegar, half a teaspoon of detergent and two glasses of water and you’ll get a great solution for washing windows.

7. To clean metal surfaces, mix in equal parts salt, citric acid and vinegar. This «paste» will return the metal shine to all metal surfaces.

Such simple ways of using vinegar at home make the cleaning process eco-friendly, and most importantly – economically efficient.