Robots will analyze the purity of the Moscow streets

In Moscow it is planned to test the robots capable of automatic assessment of the level of air pollution and noise on the streets. Conduction of assessment research is assigned in the area of ​​Ostankino and VDNKh.



The route of movement of robots is difficult to predict — it will be determined in the course of collecting the data, taking into account the obstacles in the path, caused by the people’s traffic.

The brainchild of «RoboSchool» receives its energy from the built-in solar panels and moves automatically on its own path. Of course the technique will be watched by, because the robots are quite miniature — only 40×30 cm, that is, they may accidentally knock down the citizens passing by. Therefore, the students of «RoboSchool» are assigned to be supervisors on the way of Robo-team.

After assessment of conditions of air pollution, the information received will be transferred to the specialists of the Agency of environmental management. The Agency will review and analyze all the data concerning the level of ecology pollution in Moscow, so the developers will have a solution that allows them to offer the authorities to use robots for larger environmental research.

Reference: the cost of one eco-robot is 100 thousand RUR.