Put a bottle — feed the animals

Food - for plastic bottle

Food — for plastic bottle

In Istanbul, installed special machines that have become very popular with locals. Known Turkish company established in the streets Pugedon special machines that do a good deed for the city and its inhabitants. What is so popular these machines? In recent years, in Istanbul, there was a sharp jump in the number of homeless animals. Some residents who are concerned about this issue expressed the idea of exterminating stray cats and dogs, the other part of the population believes that the fault lies with the public, so the problem must be solved in another way.

Pugedon decided to help the poor animals and created a street machine that in exchange for used plastic bottles, feeding the animals. The process is as follows: if the hole used to lower the bottle, then in special containers located at the bottom, the machine prints a portion of dog or cat food, and pour animal drinking water. In the machine as an opening where people can pour out excess water and replenish yourself a bowl of water.

This project has been very helpful and absolutely not costly in financial terms — dropping bottle into the machine, the locals rent it for recycling and thus partially solve the problem of recycling of plastic, revenues from processing to fully cover the costs for the project, and most importantly, homeless animals provide sustenance.