10 Facts About Garbage   We think about ordinary household garbage only when it starts hampering us: accumulated in the garbage pail or trash, emerged after apartment remodeling, etc. Although its collecting and processing require much more attention. We invite you to learn 10 facts about the garbage, which will change your attitude to it: Street separating litter bins 1. Peter the III found an original way to get rid... »»»
Water ATMs   India’s population today numbers about 1.3 billion people. It is a densely populated country with a huge number of problems, caused by a demographic boom and natural conditions. According to statistics, more than 10% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water. More than 150 million people in the country drink dangerous water for their life. Delivery of drinking water Such... »»»
Windows which are not afraid of water and dirt   Transparent  and shining with cleanliness windows are not just pleasant to the eyes, but also are an open gateway for natural lighting. How often should you wash the windows, so that they remain clean as long as possible? We are used to carry out these procedures twice a year in spring and autumn. Probably everyone was having trouble with regularity — as soon as you washed your windows... »»»
Cleaning banks   Today banks are the most common financial institutions. Almost every adult citizen of Russia uses their services. That’s why it is not surprising that the offices of banks are practically on every corner. Competition in the banking market is incredibly high, every bank is trying to offer its customers the most favorable conditions of service. But the commitment of customers to a specific bank... »»»
The era of cleaning robots has started!   We are no longer surprised by the news of a new robot, its artificial intelligence, design and functions. And at the same time, we often clean the apartment by ourselves, using an ordinary vacuum cleaner. According to the statistical service data of the United States, many of us spend on cleaning from 6% to 9% of life. Of course, not many of us thought that the robot can not only be shocking... »»»
Green fashion for megapolises : new buildings make the city green   Many modern cities resemble a jungle made of concrete: skyscrapers, factories and plants, huge road junctions became typical landscape of cities. But such constructions are not only striking in their appearance, but also can significantly pollute the city. Carbon dioxide emissions in metropolitan areas are often huge, many cities in China, Japan and the United States are suffering from them.... »»»
Winter cleaning of the neighboring territory Winter in Russia is a cold, snowy, and unpredictable season. Therefore, this period of time requires special attention to cleaning of the neighborhood. Cleaning in winter requires not only appropriate equipment and reagents, but also the necessary skills, as well as the regularity of cleaning works done. Yard of your house, the area around the warehouse, factory, shop, bank or office should be prepared... »»»
Cleaning — what is it? Cleaning — it’s high-quality professional cleaning of various types with the use of specialized equipment and cleaning of special equipment. Cleaning services are provided by specialized companies and performed by qualified personnel. Cleaning Services — this is a fundamentally new approach to cleaning, civilized form of organization of cleanliness and order. A company that provides cleaning... »»»
Welcome to our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Tips Page Considering the money invested in them, appliances deserve a thorough scrubbing on a regular basis. In addition to giving you the satisfaction of knowing they’re spanking-clean inside and out, your good work can optimize their performance and even extend their lives. Therefore, without further ado, here are the Kitchen Deep Cleaning Tips: Microwave Fill a coffee mug with water and a few slices of... »»»
Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors Basically there are two basic types of ceramic tiles: Glazed and Unglazed. Glazed tile is most often used on traditional walls, counter tops and floors. It has a tough, glasslike surface. Unglazed tile is composed of natural clays, which are sometimes mixed with pigments. It can be used on floors, walls, counter tops. It may require more careful attention than glazed tile. For glazed-tile floors, vacuum... »»»
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