A little bit about cleaning Replacing conventional cloth with microfiber will allow you to save a lot of time. Microfiber removes dirt much faster and better, leaving little less water and stain marks. cleaners If you fold a cleaning napkin four times, you’ll get four working parts. Simply «open» each according to its getting dirty.  Abrasive side on the wisp is only to remove dirt from the dishes. Using an abrasive... »»»
Fighting against ice in different countries Reagent Every year, the utility service and residents of different countries with snowy winters face with the same problem: snow drifts and ice. If the snow drift is just inconvenient and difficult to move, then the icing on the roads and sidewalks is dangerous for health and life. In different countries, this problem is solved differently. We shall consider 5 ways to fight against ice, used around... »»»
Cleaning Exhibition is finished On October 21-23rd, all who are interested in the cleaning industry had a great opportunity to visit the 16th International Cleaning exhibition CleanExpo Moscow/PULIRE, which was held in Moscow «Crocus Expo» exhibition centre. CleanExpo Moscow/PULIRE The exhibition was visited by representatives of 16 countries, there was held more than 40 events related to new products, as well as problems... »»»
Cleaning for the lazy ones   Several simple and effective tips for the people who do not want to spend a lot of time on cleaning. Pour 2 cups of water and a half cup of vinegar into the container, put it in the microwave and turn it on for 3 minutes. Then let the container stand inside a couple of minutes, take it out and wipe the oven with a dry cloth. All the fat from the inner surface of the microwave oven will be easily... »»»
The Mission is: Сlean Space Mankind has long been the intended to know the universe, launching space shuttles and rockets. We get the information, transmitted to us via satellites, but only few of us know what happens to the fragments of rockets and used satellites? The answer is simple: all this garbage is not burned, as one would expect, but simply is accumulating, drifting in the space. The European Space Agency (ESA) has... »»»
To hit all records   Often in our minds the ecological construction is associated with cozy wooden cottages in the village. However, in practice, modern eco house can reach the height of 1 km (!). These are the ecological houses, which will be built in China. the Phoenix Tower This unique project is called the Phoenix Tower. Surprisingly, these two miracles of modern design are not houses or business centers. The... »»»
Break all records   Often in our consciousness ecological construction associated with cozy cottages in the village of wooden frame. However, in practice, modern eco house design can be a height of 1 km (!). These are the ecological house to be built in China. Towers Phoenix This unique project called the Phoenix Tower. Surprisingly, these two miracle of modern design — no houses or business centers. The... »»»
New ecological city sprung up in the United States “Green buildings” are no longer an unusual phenomenon, forming in established and popular trend. While ecological house or residential complex is of no surprise anymore, a new trend is an ecological city. One of these cities, the fourth in the world, will be built in the USA. New green town will be called Sonoma Mountain Village. It is a small town that can take 4,400 people. The city is built... »»»
Over the river on a ship made ​​of plastic bottles   In spite of serious environmental problems of our time, the preservation of the purity  on the planet, as well as waste management is not only the governments’ concern, but also of an ordinary people. Garbage floating in the seas and oceans is a real disaster for their inhabitants. This is especially true for plastic bottles that are myriads in waters. As we know, the rate of decomposition... »»»
World cleaning Traditions have been revealed   In the world there are more than 190 countries and each is unique in its laws, mentality, traditions and even the approach to cleaning! Some people spend the whole day for cleaning, others are clean their houses only once a month, and in some countries, people love to spend cleaning while listening to music. One of the largest companies in the world in production of household appliances conducted... »»»
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