«Smart» facade saves the energy Maintaining a comfortable temperature in an office building with a glass facade needs an incredible amount of energy. According to the research conducted in Germany, almost half of all electricity consumed goes to the skyscrapers of glass — they need heating, cooling and ventilation throughout the year. «Umbrella» Taking into account the complexity of providing insulation of the big... »»»
Polyethylene bags must resign! Stop polyethylene! The main factor that negatively affects the environment is the consumer and his habits. The user creates a demand, which in turn, creates supply, and it is a vicious circle, which is very difficult to break. And one of such environmentally harmful habits of the consumers is the use of plastic bags. Here are the facts that speak loud: — Every year the mankind consumes about... »»»
Create less waste, use alternatives Alternative 1. Cleaning and washing means in plastic packaging Cons: non-economical; usually harmful composure, not all packaging is recycled. Substitution: Dish soap or soda, not packed in plastic. 2. Bleached toilet paper Cons: non-economical; non-recyclable, may contain harmful substances. Substitution: recycled toilet paper. 3. Disposable plastic bags Cons: non-economical; not always utilized. Substitution:... »»»
Say Yes to Vinegar! Vinegar If you look in the locker of every housewife, you can see the entire arsenal of detergents and cleaning products, which are used daily to clean the hard surfaces, upholstery and carpets, mirrors and windows, and other things. However, there is absolutely eco-friendly alternative to the most cleaning products that we use, and which is in every home. It is ordinary vinegar. The use of vinegar... »»»
Put a bottle — feed the animals Food — for plastic bottle In Istanbul, installed special machines that have become very popular with locals. Known Turkish company established in the streets Pugedon special machines that do a good deed for the city and its inhabitants. What is so popular these machines? In recent years, in Istanbul, there was a sharp jump in the number of homeless animals. Some residents who are concerned about... »»»
UpCycling: making garbage useful Useful garbage UpCycling is a new name for a pretty old craft. UpCycling — is the process of recycling, in which the end-product is supposed to be of superior quality rather than the original material. This craft is very popular among people who are concerned about the solution of such environmental issue as garbage pollution. If we collected all the dumps of the world in one place, the total... »»»
Throwing garbage within bankcards? Underground garbage containers Back in the 90s a Finnish engineer Veikko Sally implemented the project, which aimed to provide a method for collecting waste, which would be hygienic, ecological, economic, and most importantly — aesthetic. The idea of the project was that the waste containers must be underground. Such a system of underground waste collection was first established in the company... »»»
A little bit about garbage sorting Garbage sorting Almost every thing that uses people, sooner or later becomes garbage and ends his life in landfills. If humanity is to produce waste at the same rate at which produces now, 100 years later, our planet is in danger of turning into a giant garbage dump. Most people takes off trash in one place, without thinking about the fact that some types of waste subject to mandatory recycling and... »»»
Big in Japan: the snow-cleaning robot Yuki-taro Inventors from Japan are always full of ideas. With the onset of snow they presented an unusual snow-cleaning robot. Externally, the robot resembles a Japanese anime character, but don’t get fooled by its cute appearance. Yuki-taro is a robot which performs a very interesting and useful feature: he turns the snow into briquettes. In the process of cleaning robot «absorbs» the... »»»
Stain on clothes — no reason for despair! You put on your favorite thing…and accidentally put there a spot. What to do in this case — to throw the thing away?! Stain on clothes Do not rush as there are some very effective ways to save your things from such «surprises». Usually to mind come detergents and stain removers, but there is a couple of nuances. All stain removers contain mainly chlorine, so if you remove the stain... »»»
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