Over the river on a ship made ​​of plastic bottles


In spite of serious environmental problems of our time, the preservation of the purity  on the planet, as well as waste management is not only the governments’ concern, but also of an ordinary people.

Garbage floating in the seas and oceans is a real disaster for their inhabitants. This is especially true for plastic bottles that are myriads in waters. As we know, the rate of decomposition of plastic bottles is ranging from 180 to 200 years. It may seem that a miser can be contributed by a couple of people in the solution of the problem of water pollution by plastic… But two friends from the Czech town of Nymbruk solved this serious problem, at least partially, in a fun and productive way by organizing their leisure, and most importantly, for the benefit of their town.


Armed with a huge amount of plastic bottles, Jan Kara and Jacob Bürs built the ship, which is going to travel on water channels in Europe. The ship is 10 meters long and consists of nearly 5,000 plastic bottles. Seats are made of old garden plastic chairs and mushroom wheels replace the parts from the old bike. Cabin on the ship is provided with bed, has a protection from the rain and is also made of plastic bottles. By the way, under the local law, this boat does not need a license as it is built manually, has no engine and its length is less than 20 meters.


The guys are planning to spend on the trip a month or two and are hoping that in this way  they will attract people’s attention to the problem of environmental pollution, and in particular of the seas and oceans.

«Saving the planet depends on the changes of our own values ​​and our behavior»

L. Brown