Nikita – cleanliness at a large areas in record time

Nikita is a unique machine for cleaning carpets and hard floors. The machine has so high performance that for only 1 hour of operation it can clean out qualitatively up to 1000 m2. Two rotating brushes 70 cm wide, to which the concentrated detergent is poured, can wash a huge area for a short time. With just one such device, with additional accessories and operator one can considerably save the costs for cleaning.

Machine and operator

Machine with operator

It is worth noting that the moving speed of Nikita can be freely adjusted, so the device will cope with the task, even on carpets with a thick pile and slopes with the same high effectiveness.

Applying spray, subsequent cleaning and drying is carried out in one go and at the end of the cleaning cycle. As the result, the surface is clean, dry and free of sticky traces from the cleaning solution. To remove dirt of varying difficulty there’s provided an opportunity to self-tune of the supply of water, cleaning solution and drying time.

To clean the carpets with different thickness of pile, the apparatus is integrated with optional height adjustment brushes and pressure heads; and to wash hard to reach places, such as corners, you can use additional tools.

The powerful battery ensures the functioning of the tool for a long time, and the battery is recharged by the battery charger supplied in the unit.