New ecological city sprung up in the United States

“Green buildings” are no longer an unusual phenomenon, forming in established and popular trend. While ecological house or residential complex is of no surprise anymore, a new trend is an ecological city.

One of these cities, the fourth in the world, will be built in the USA. New green town will be called Sonoma Mountain Village. It is a small town that can take 4,400 people. The city is built and organized according to the principle that its residents will have everything they need to live in the city. Let’s start from the fact that more than 3,000 residents in the city will have their jobs. Electricity will be produced by solar cells, more than 10,000 of which are already installed.


City is planned in such a way that everything you need is within walking distance; it saves time, energy, and transport to get to the place. All materials used are functional and environmentally friendly. City is maximum safe for the environment.

In addition, construction phase of the city has already begun from the necessary social infrastructure. The people’s nutrition is also been cared of: in Sonoma Mountain Village there’s already constructed platform for the market where farming products will be sold. Therefore the citizens will always be able to get fresh and high quality products.

solar-install (1)

Advantages of construction of such cities are obvious: they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and convenient for life. Building “green cities” will help to relieve megacities, and thus reduce the level of pollution of the environment.

Cleanliness all around is our motto! Therefore, we are always happy with trends that make our world cleaner and healthier!

Sincerely yours, “DEN” cleaning company!