Green fashion for megapolises : new buildings make the city green


Many modern cities resemble a jungle made of concrete: skyscrapers, factories and plants, huge road junctions became typical landscape of cities. But such constructions are not only striking in their appearance, but also can significantly pollute the city. Carbon dioxide emissions in metropolitan areas are often huge, many cities in China, Japan and the United States are suffering from them. Of course, producers try to introduce innovative technology to clean their waste, skyscrapers are equipped with efficient air conditioning system, but still the problem of excess carbon dioxide in large cities remains unresolved.

Architects and scientists who study bionics science, haved found an interesting solution of this problem. It is an eco- skyscrapers, the buildings that except their main functional purposes also serve as the «big trees» for the city.

The principle is very simple – to fill the exterior surfaces of buildings with plants capable of photosynthesis. The plants will absorb carbon dioxide, giving back pure oxygen in the atmosphere. It turntd out that it’s no need to invent sophisticated air purification system, it’s just enough to borrow the mechanism of production of oxygen from nature.

Currently, the projects on construction of such buildings are implemented all over the world. One of these skyscrapers, BionicArch, is designed by the Belgian architect and is currently under construction in Taiwan. The height of this eco- house is 380 m. Besides from the huge number of plants at all levels of the skyscraper, it is equipped with its own system of electricity and water supply, which is organized according to all environmental guidelines. This green giant will be located in an area with large concentrations of plants, so work on the production of oxygen plants will come in handy: except from helping the city become cleaner, it will save its inhabitants from excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. The construction of the building is planned to be finished in 2016.

Bionic Arch













However, not only office centers can become a platform for green technologies. In Sri Lanka is designed a residential complex of 186 m height, which is planted to the top with green plants.

Clearpoint Residency












Similar buildings can boast not only in Asia, they are built in Europe as well. Rotterdam (Netherlands) will boast with building of 19 floors, with balconies, actually being blooming flowerbeds.

Urban Cactus















Finally, the New York city decided to outdo everybody — there will be constructed a centre 600 meters high! In addition to its office functional, the building will be a piece of art in the style of contemporary urban design.













That’s a really original way of gardening and oxygen saturation for megacities, which is gaining popularity today in the whole world. The combination of concrete giants and green technology helps to find a reasonable compromise between nature and urbanization.