Experts tested the popular detergents

6 brands of laundry detergents that Russians are buying the most frequently had been checked by Roskontrol on performance indicators of washing and health safety. Test were passed by the detergents, suitable for washing machine — Persil, Ariel, Tide, Myth 3 in 1, Dosia and Pemos.



The best-hit for washing and stain removal became Persil.  But specialists have found that a good result can be achieved if you use a large quantity of the detergent.

The second-best is, oddly enough, the budget mean Dosia. Good washing results, plus the particles of the detergent are also the best rinsing out of clothes.

Pemos is cheaper than the other means, but also more toxic. It washes the dirt well, but one have to  wash things with this mean carefully — using a small amount of washing powder and after washing – to rinse well all the clothes. High toxicity makes it not suitable for washing baby clothes.

Ariel. Its foam forming is that big that can damage the washing technique, also it’s coping not very effective with the pollution, and is the second-high in the rating of toxicity.

Tide. The inscription on the packaging of the sample informs the buyer that the powder can be used to wash children’s clothes. However, the detected level of toxic substances informs us on the opposite.

Myth 3 in 1. The high degree of toxicity, although it stated that the detergent is suitable for children’s clothes. Efficiency is low.

Do not forget to pay attention to the composition of the washing powder and let your laundry to be effective, and most importantly — safe!