Create less waste, use alternatives



1. Cleaning and washing means in plastic packaging

Cons: non-economical; usually harmful composure, not all packaging is recycled.

Substitution: Dish soap or soda, not packed in plastic.

2. Bleached toilet paper

Cons: non-economical; non-recyclable, may contain harmful substances.

Substitution: recycled toilet paper.

3. Disposable plastic bags

Cons: non-economical; not always utilized.

Substitution: reusable bags made of cotton or other organic tissue.

4. Disposable plastic bottles

Cons: usually are just thrown into the garbage, only a part is subject to recycling.

Substitution: Reusable Bottles

5. Disposable coffee filters, portion packs of tea and coffee

Cons: not processed for a second time, non-economical.

Substitution: French press for coffee brewing. This press is easy to clean and makes much tastier coffee.

6. Plastic cutting boards

Cons: not suitable for recycling, on the surface bacteria are rapidly developing.

Substitution: Wooden or steel. Devices for cooking is also better to have a wooden or stylnye.

7. Plastic plate-racks

Cons: These dryers are not a subject to processing and, moreover, take a lot of place.

Substitution: just put a towel on the table and put dry dishes on it.

8. Paper Towels

Cons: non-economical; such towels are not recycled again.

Substitution: towels from cloth.