Cleaning banks


Today banks are the most common financial institutions. Almost every adult citizen of Russia uses their services. That’s why it is not surprising that the offices of banks are practically on every corner. Competition in the banking market is incredibly high, every bank is trying to offer its customers the most favorable conditions of service.

But the commitment of customers to a specific bank is ensured not only by benefits from deposits. It is important that the place where the customer always comes meet him with cleanliness, comfort and hospitality. In addition, there must be comfortable working conditions for employees.


Pledge of comfort and convenience gives the cleanliness. To provide it in conditions of a big flow of people and the constant presence of staff is not simple. To organize a permanent order in the bank, daily cleaning should be accomplished, but to clean all hard-to-reach places and to keep the equipment clean, you have to think about periodical general cleaning in the bank. Both types of cleaning can be arranged independently, by hiring an office lady, but much more convenient and wise is to contact a professional cleaning company and book the services of specialists.

Professional cleaning companies provide a range of services for banks. Daily cleaning includes:

— Wet cleaning of hardwood flooring;

— Vacuumed carpet cleaner;

— Wiping furniture and window sills from dust;

— Cleaning lavatories;

— Cleaning of the entrance groups;

— Garbage collection and rubbish removal, etc.

bank department


General cleaning consists of a wide range of works: chemical cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture, deep cleaning and polishing of flooring, removal of rust, mold, smoke, etc., washing windows at height with help of professional alpinists, cleaning hard to reach places.

«DEN» cleaning company has long experience of servicing banks. Applying to our company will provide you with a reliable partner for the benefit of your business.