Caution – Danger on the Carpet!

British professional cleaners, with the help of epidemiologists, conducted a study which results are rather shocking. The object of the study was the carpets, the presence of which is the hallmark of almost every modern home.

Danger on the Carpet

Danger on the Carpet

The soles of the feet of people of all ages were subjected to an experiment for purity; it showed a high concentration of bacteria which cause pneumonia and Escherichia coli.

The reason for this is that many people walk around the house without putting off their street shoes, for example in England this group of people numbered 40%, while only one of five people is cleaning the soles of shoes in front of his house. The houses of people who don’t put off the shoes at home had been the subject of checking.

The figures say for themselves:

— In 28% of homes were found traces of vomiting of different animals, and 24% of them haven’t been ever cleaned.

— Traces of children’s vomit were found in 30% of homes

— At that, 91% of children were playing on the carpet L

Moreover, on carpets were also found particles of feces of horses, foxes, fur, hair, dust mites, skin particles, and tar.

However, carpets is not the only «bacterial danger» in the house. It turned out that about 50% of respondents rarely change their bed linen, towels and sponges for washing dishes. Also, few people wash their hands after visiting the toilet. One-third of respondents regularly have «warm» bed, thanks to their non-sterile home pets.

Summarizing the issue, men himself create an ideal environment for the development of dangerous disease-causing bacteria in their own homes.

Do not forget to clean the carpet at least 1-2 times a year and be sure to wear shoes, once you’ve entered the house.

Take care of your health and let us take care of the purity — professional cleaning company «DEN».