Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very important, because the effects of high humidity and poor cleaning can be fungus and mold.

Natural Carpet should be vacuumed at least, than once in three days. A wet cleaning is recommended to do no more than once a month. Penetrating into the fiber, dirt acts as an abrasive material, which accelerates wear on cover ahead of time.

If the carpet laid flooring in the office, we advise to put a specific threshold mats. Next, the artificial carpet should be cleaned regular vacuuming, but on a regular basis. In addition, twice a year should be carried out dry cleaned. But the wet cleaning is not advised to get involved: Moisture wool carpet can «sit» as a sweater after laundry. If you still want to do wet cleaning, we recommend you call to professionals: they clean the floor all the rules. Yes, and recover the carpet protective structure. In this case you can help a professional cleaning firm — «Den». And the price of this service is quite acceptable. Just how popular removal of contaminants:

Type of stain: Fruit juice, tea, coffee, chocolate, various drinks, vegetable patches.
Method of removal: wet the stain with alcohol, diluted vinegar, then rinse with water. Ingredients: 2 / 3 alcohol, 1 / 3 vinegar.

Type of contamination: blood, egg.
Method of removal: remove the excess, soak the stain with soap and water, diluted with alkali at 10%. Wash the 10-percent solution of white vinegar. Rinse with water.

Type of pollutant: paste for ball point pens, paint and varnish liquid, tar, grease chemical origin.
Method of removal: blot with a cloth dampened with a solution of alcohol and turpentine. Do not smoke, ventilate the room. Wash off the composition.

Type of pollution: the wax.
Method of removal: remove the excess. Put enough hot iron over the blotter paper. Wash the chlorinated solvent. Rinse with water.

Type of pollutant: chewing gum.
Method of removal: freeze with a special solution, then break into pieces. Wash the chlorinated solvent. Rinse with water.

Type of contamination: the ink.
Method of removal: first, moisten with water and then — with soapy water, dilute alkali. Wash the 50-percent solution of white vinegar. If necessary, rinse the solution to remove rust. Rinse.