Break all records


Often in our consciousness ecological construction associated with cozy cottages in the village of wooden frame. However, in practice, modern eco house design can be a height of 1 km (!). These are the ecological house to be built in China.

Towers Phoenix

This unique project called the Phoenix Tower. Surprisingly, these two miracle of modern design — no houses or business centers. The main functionality of the towers — to benefit the environment — they are huge cleaners surroundings.
This project will be implemented in the Chinese city of Johan forces known British studio building. This city, like other industrial cities of China, is not enough clean air, lakes, rivers, soils. And Towers Phoenix become big filters and hallmark of the city.
Towers will not be twins, one of them will be higher than the other, and indeed, should be the highest in the world, surpassing the famous Burj Khalifa at 150 m. Thus, the mark will be taken in the height of buildings 1 km. The tallest tower in the world will become a huge filtration system water surrounding rivers and lakes.
The other tower will be available to visitors, it will be an entertainment area with restaurants, bars and galleries. But it will also carry a functional environmental burden.

The draft of towers

The second tower will be a huge ventilation system, which will clean the air in the vicinity. More of this tower will be equipped with vertical garden — a natural source of oxygen in the city.
Work on the project has been very active, so that very soon the world will be available this miracle of modern architecture and ecological building, beating all possible records.
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