A child in the house. Tips for cleaning

Do not wipe all surfaces daily in the house, armed with a disinfectant. Remains of aggressive disinfectants can cause allergies and irritation to the delicate skin of a baby crawling on the floor. If your child loves to play or crawl on the floor, wipe the floor with clean warm water. If there is dirt on thr floor coverings, you can add a few drops of baby dishwashing detergent.

A child in the house

A child in the house

Wipe the dust with a damp cloth at least once a week. Dry cloth will only raise dust in the air, which then settles back. Don’t use polish, particularly in aerosol form when a child is at home — the evaporation of these means are extremely harmful to children’s health.

— When doing vacuum cleaning, all the dust, along with the allergens contained in it, rises into the air, so you’d better clean the house with a vacuum cleaner once every two weeks. If the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter, you can do cleaning with it more often. The process itself should take place with all windows open, and then be sure to hold a wet cleaning.

Do not forget to wash children’s toys. At the same time it is not necessary to sterilize them (with the exception of teethers), and even more so — to disinfect. Toys from conventional plastics shall be washed with hot water and baby soap. Soft toys is a known source of dust collectors. Wash them regularly applying children’s washing  powder or soap.

If the baby dishes will be used for the first time — be sure to sterilize it. Further, all the plates, cups and bottles can be easily washed with warm water. Do not use detergents! Even made specially for children’s tableware. The fat will disappear perfectly if you apply the baking soda.

Upholstery of the pram should be washed every few months, because children love to lick the sides of strollers. You may wash it even in the washing machine, using the powder for children’s clothes. If there are stains, you cannot use the aggressive stain removers – such washing means are not washed out of the fabric and therefore can get into a child’s mouth.

Disinfecting detergents (preferably in the form of a gel) may be used for wiping the tub, toilet, sink. Be sure to thoroughly rinse them with water afterwards. But Never! Wash a baby’s bath with such means – it is strictly prohibited!