10 Facts About Garbage


We think about ordinary household garbage only when it starts hampering us: accumulated in the garbage pail or trash, emerged after apartment remodeling, etc. Although its collecting and processing require much more attention. We invite you to learn 10 facts about the garbage, which will change your attitude to it:

Street separating litter bins

1. Peter the III found an original way to get rid of garbage after construction of the Winter Palace (the area in front was littered with piles of building materials). He allowed people to pick up from the area all they want and can take away. It took less than a day to empty the area from litter.

2. Most common waste in the world is cigarette butts. Every year people throw away 4.5 billion of cigarette ends.

3. Most dangerous garbage is old technique (computers, TVs, various instruments). In many countries, there are even some plants and landfills for dismantling such waste. Indeed, many parts of such devices can do significant harm to the environment.

4. In USA there’s a largest landfill in the world. Its size is more than 170 football fields. And it continues to grow, because every day there is brought about 13 tons of garbage.

5. First plant for incineration appeared in the late 19th century in England. Recycling history f this country is over 200 years.

Man and man-generated waste in proportion

6. Garbology (from the English. “garbage”) is the study that deals with waste disposal. It is a part of science of ecology.

7. Waste Recycling saves resources. Energy from recycling of one bottle provides energy for 4 hours of work of conventional electric bulb.

8. Plastic bags worldwide are constantly killing thousands of fish and birds that eat them or simply die, ensnared.

9. Ocean floor is the biggest world landfill. Dissolving garbage will take a long time: a cigarette end need 5 years, a plastic bag will float about 10-20 years, and a glass bottle will need a thousand (!) years.

10. Only 30% of garbage that people throw away is harmless. This includes leftovers (peel, seeds, shell). Every second on the planet people generate about 4 kg of this waste.

Now that you know more about the garbage, let’s all treat the problems associated with it more responsibly. All the problems can be overcome if everyone starts with oneself!

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