When a bottle becomes flat. A new form of plastic bottles

In an age of global computerization one can observe the “flattering” trend , when mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets are becoming thinner and up to completely flat. Manufacturers of bottles also try to keep up with the trend, so they presented to the world Memobottle — first flat plastic bottle in the world. This bottle can easily fit in any bag between the tablet and a book or notebook, as it is thin and has a rectangular shape.

А new form - the new benefits

А new form — the new benefits

Memobottle is made of durable plastic, so it can be used many times and can be safely washed in the dishwasher. Such an interesting idea belongs to the students from Australia, who are concerned about the problem of pollution of the planet with plastic waste, and succeeded to put the idea into practice.

The guys made a research, according to which in the last year, sales of disposable bottles increased to 500 billion pieces, but only a small percentage of the amount is ever recycled. Memobottle creators claim that the use of such bottles may to some extent solve the problem of «smothering» the world in the plastic waste, as it is environmentally friendly, as well as the problem of carrying bottles with you will disappear (the thickness of the bottle is only 3 centimeters and therefore one can easily find the place for such bottle in a bag or briefcase).

Memobottle creators have tried to cover all consumers’ needs, releasing 3 different bottles of 750 ml (corresponding to the paper size A5), 1.25 liters (A4) and 1.25 liters («letter» format).

The project is financed by donations that are made by users of the Kickstarter The project is financed by donations that are made to users of the site Kickstarter. After 36 hours from the start of the fundraising campaign, the required amount for the project was collected. By the New Year Memobottle is planned to be launched into the market. The cost of one bottle will be approximately USD 22.