Using anti-icing equipment


We all love a «real» winter with frosty sunny weather and white fluffy snow. But such a beautiful picture is often accompanied by a whole set of hassle or even troubles. Trodden fluffy snow will go slippery and dangerous and the snow-capped roof is tons of snow that can crumble at bypassers at any time or simply melt away, leading to the flood indoors.

These unpleasant consequences can be easily avoided by using special means — antiglaze substances.

The most famous and popular means for combating ice is sand and salt. Technical mixture of salt and sand is usually sprinkled on roadways and sidewalks. But this mixture is not the safest, because the saline solutions (formed from melting snow) are quite dangerous for the environment: they are not only harmful for plants and animals, but can even destroy the gutter system in the city.

Some European countries have cancelled using such methods of eliminating ice and moved to the sanding streets by small-sized granite rubble. It is not only safe for the environment, but cheaper method: it can be used only once, at the beginning of the season and in the end, it easily can be removed and reused next year. But granite crumb damages the road topping and is dangerous for the covering of cars. And this method can be used only on roads. In this case remains unresolved a number of issues: by what means to secure the entrance lobby from slippery snow, how to prevent the accumulation of large amounts of snow on the roofs and many others.

Modern antiglaze agents act more safely. The basic principle of their work is lowering degrees of water freezing. When using such means, the solution remains liquid up to minus 30 degrees by Celcium.

How and where to apply them? In a liquid or dry form they can be used on the highways to prevent freezing rain and ice or eliminate the consequences of freezing rain (snow compaction). You can also distribute the reagents on sidewalks to make safe people walking. You should also apply antiglaze means if you need to clean entrances to the doorsteps, steps and other surrounding elements for the sake of safety.

Very convenient is to use antiglaze means to clean the roof from snow, debris and to prevent the building-up of ice. This method is much simpler and more efficient than mechanical dropping the snow from the roof with shovels. This kind of cleaning is saving money, human resources and time. The efficiency of the use of anti-icing equipment exceeds the efficiency of the use of manual labor in a few times. Besides, in case that rainfall is continuing, the staff with shovels should constantly collect and dump the snow.

The use of modern anti-icing equipment is a great way to eliminate snow and ice. Cleaning company «DEN» is actively using in its work different anti-glaze reagents in winter. Call us, and our experts will help you to find the best range of services and means to make your facilities safe and looking smart.