UpCycling: making garbage useful

Useful garbage

Useful garbage

UpCycling is a new name for a pretty old craft. UpCycling — is the process of recycling, in which the end-product is supposed to be of superior quality rather than the original material.

This craft is very popular among people who are concerned about the solution of such environmental issue as garbage pollution. If we collected all the dumps of the world in one place, the total area of a landfill would be larger than the size of continental America. Of course, this craft can be called a hobby rather than a unique and effective way of recycling and waste management, especially in the cities, where recycling process is not managed at the state level.

However, now we can see that garbage becomes more and more popular as a source for production. People can make fuel and even homes from the garbage. Waste is becoming a new trend even in the arts. Many museums in Paris, Berlin and London today have on their exposition masterpieces, entirely made of waste.

The aim of the designers is to create not only art objects, but also empowering garbage with different practical qualities. UpCycling itself has several directions, depending on the recyclable materials. The most well-known and applied materials for UpCycling are plastic waste, paper, textiles and wood, of course.

In Europe, for example, there are even special UpCycling shops. There one can buy clothes made from pieces of old clothes, decor, which is made of various materials — for example, unusual hooks for clothes or towels made from old, curly bent forks, as well as original furniture made from recycled resources.

Of course, this cannot solve the «waste pollution problem» entirely, but it is an excellent method to promote the recycling and waste management around the world.