Shoes from plastic – simple solution for the Big Problem


«All that you buy is garbage» – it’s a name of the project, whose members are collecting garbage lying on the banks of the River Thames and create shoes out of this waste.

Sneakers from garbage

Sneakers from garbage

The idea of the project belongs to three students from the United Kingdom — Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey. The essence of the project is that the guys collect all kinds of rubbish dumps at local beaches, which is then transformed into stylish bright shoes. Then the collection of plastic waste is sorted by color, and is melted in a special convection oven which turns the garbage into sheets of the plastic. Then, with the help of shoe last the parts for sneakers are cut. These pieces are sewn together by hand and are complemented by laces, woven from a fishing rope.

Shoes, located at the dump displays the “heritage” of the modern consumer — say the project’s participants. Earlier before, footwear was made mostly by hand, so it was more durable and easy to repair. In today’s world, after the smallest damage to the shoe, people throw it into the trash; not wasting time for its repair. The dumped shoes can be there for a long time, forming bigger and bigger piles of garbage.

According to the World Bank statistics, the amount of solid waste in the world is 1,432 million tons, and, unfortunately, this number continues to grow. Indeed, most of the things that we buy, will inevitably fall into the garbage, and finally will get into the Ocean. Within the invention of plastic, there appeared some utopian promises that this revolutionary material will change our lives. But now the plastic is everything that’s around us, but the consequences of its presence become more and more difficult to eliminate.

The project of British students is created to attract people’s attention to the problem of environmental crisis, as well as to keep the public from excessive and pointless purchases of unnecessary goods.

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