Everyday cleaning service throughout Russia is our goal number 1   Beginning of the year is a right time to make plans and set goals for the whole year. Cleaning company «DEN» decided in 2014 to reach new heights in russian cleaning market. One of our main goals for 2014 is to strengthen our business by means of development one of the most popular cleaning service – everyday cleaning or daily cleaning. Until now, we are providing daily cleaning... »»»
Using anti-icing equipment   We all love a «real» winter with frosty sunny weather and white fluffy snow. But such a beautiful picture is often accompanied by a whole set of hassle or even troubles. Trodden fluffy snow will go slippery and dangerous and the snow-capped roof is tons of snow that can crumble at bypassers at any time or simply melt away, leading to the flood indoors. These unpleasant consequences... »»»
With the New Year!   The New Year — 2014 has come! Congratulations to you! Let this year be successful in all spheres of your life, bringing new victories, happy moments and inspiring bright emotions. In this days of Holy Christmas cleaning company «DEN» wishes you and your family warmth and happiness from the heart, fulfillment of all cherished desires and financial well-being. And we will stay... »»»
New Clients: Schools Cleaning company DEN regularly expands its range of services and types of service facilities. Today, among our clients are not only plants, warehouses and offices, but also the educational institutions — schools. We are sure that schools require special cleaning services, because the requirements for cleaning of objects, where there are children, are demanding. We are using increased safety measures... »»»
The cleaning company DEN held the meeting — Summary of 2012year On December 22-nd, 2012, the cleaning company DEN summarized the year and celebrated the Corporate New Year 2013. On the official part of the Gala-party, we recognized the best employees of DEN in 2012 year. This year we started to hold the annual contest «Best Facility Manager». The competition was held among all managers. All of them are very professional, but the results of inspections... »»»
Cleaning company DEN held trainings for its staff In cleaning nothing is more important than the well-trained staff. But, apart from the cleaning skills and knowledge of cleaning equipment and various types of detergents, for perfect cleaning performance are needed also inspiration and commitment to excellence of the cleaning staff. In order to increase the level of professionalism, the cleaning company DEN periodically holds training conferences... »»»
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