New Clients: Schools

Cleaning company DEN regularly expands its range of services and types of service facilities. Today, among our clients are not only plants, warehouses and offices, but also the educational institutions — schools.

We are sure that schools require special cleaning services, because the requirements for cleaning of objects, where there are children, are demanding. We are using increased safety measures for schools we are servicing.

We feel a special responsibility for the results of our work: in winter season, we remove snow and icicles from roof, we use only safe cleaning products while cleaning classes, because, in fact, we serve for children.

At present, the company DEN is caring for cleanliness and comfort in the surrounding areas of 14 schools in Moscow. For the matter of everyday cleanness for children in schools, we perform various cleaning activities during the year:

  • Haying grass, its storage and removal in allocated places;
  • Collection of large debris and place it in allocated places;
  • Cleanup snow from sidewalks and walkways, dusting them by crumbs;
  • Demolition of ice and icicles from roofs;
  • Cleaning of pits and grates near the entrances;
  • Collection of leaves, grass harvesting in the fall season;
  • Painting curbs and fences.

We are very proud of our clients satisfied with our staff and company’s quality of service. Nevertheless, we will not stop there, and we plan to continue expanding the scope of our services, giving our clients the highest level of service available.