Cleaning company DEN held trainings for its staff

In cleaning nothing is more important than the well-trained staff.

But, apart from the cleaning skills and knowledge of cleaning equipment and various types of detergents, for perfect cleaning performance are needed also inspiration and commitment to excellence of the cleaning staff.

In order to increase the level of professionalism, the cleaning company DEN periodically holds training conferences for its personnel.

First educational conference was held on November 3-rd, 2012. The second conference was held on December 22-nd, 2012.
These meetings were attended by about seventy employees from different regions of Russia. The first meeting was focused on the theoretical introduction to the new technology of cleaning, cleaning equipment specifications, and safety requirements on different types of objects. The second conference, in fact, was held as master class from leading cleaners of our company. At the second conference, each employee could learn from the best professional cleaners in the business, as well as try their hand in practice.

Both conferences began from the introduction of Alexander Bardachov, DEN’s Director and Commercial Director Vladimir Zagorodniy. Afterwards, speakers were the leading specialists of the company.

On the conference there were presented the following reports: “The principles and rules of daily cleaning, process, proper use of equipment and professional equipment” by Oleg Perederiy, Faility Manager. The topic of the effective use of technology was continued by Bugaychuk Valentin, Head of service department. He also revised the subject of manual scrubber technology.

Head of Procurement Department, Vasily Yegorov reported about efficient use of consumables and detergents. Andrew Bodnenko, Head of mobile service group, gave the master class on:

  • proper cleaning of windows,
  • facades and upholstered furniture,
  • carpet cleaning
  • the use of the steam generator.

Nana Chistyakova, the Head of quality department, reported about the importance of quality control organization, and the rules of preparing relevant documentation. Report on the safety requirements made the DEN Chief engineer, Sergey Lizunov. About the peculiarities of work with the staff, particularly, about the documentary discipline, reported Kristina Pavlenko, Head of the HR department. Lyudmila Goncharova, DEN Chief financial officer, reported about importance of well-established workflow between Facility managers and accounting.

DEN cleaning company will regularly held various conferences in the future, increasing the level of professionalism of its own staff and aspiring to excellence in the performance of cleaning services on everyday basis.