The cleaning company DEN held the meeting — Summary of 2012year

On December 22-nd, 2012, the cleaning company DEN summarized the year and celebrated the Corporate New Year 2013. On the official part of the Gala-party, we recognized the best employees of DEN in 2012 year.

This year we started to hold the annual contest «Best Facility Manager». The competition was held among all managers. All of them are very professional, but the results of inspections and the results of the year were selected and awarded gifts top ten managers of the year:
10-th place. In the top-ten bounced Natalia Enz (DEN, Lipetsk confectionery factory ROSHEN).
9-th place took diligent Alena Andreevna Ivanchenko.
8-th place. In Mariupol, the cleanest place is ROSHEN. This is thanks to Yermolenko Ivan.
7-th place. For the whole bunch of objects, always in brilliant condition — Antonina Stanislavnovna Bryleva.
6-th place. Without any doubt, everything’s under the control of Igor Vladimirovich Petrenko.
5-th place was ranked to Chervinsky Oleg (ELOPAK).
4-th place. Our most creative facility manager Natalia Mishchenko.

TOP-Three DEN facility managers!
3-rd place. In the land of chocolate it is always clean, because the confectionery factory of corporation «ROSHEN» thanks to the effective supervision of Alena Vassilyevna Danilova.
2-nd place. All objects of this manager are always in perfect condition! We congratulate Olesya Ivanovna Pastushenko.
1-st place. It’s no surprise, that the highest scores of all contest experts received Galina Nosareva.

Thanks to her diligence and professionalism, Galina won and became the best manager in 2012!

Also, we held a New-Year lottery with prizes. The luckiest were representatives from Odessa — they took to the sunny city the biggest quantity of prizes.

One of our new traditions is to award employees for their achievements. For their excellent work in 2012 were awarded:

For the Progress in the development was granted Vladimir Pavlovich Zagorodniy, in the nomination «Engine of Progress

Oscars were awarded to A. V. Hoptin and V. Y. Buzinskiy for the Key roles in the company.

«Golden fund of the company» — S. P. Pavlenko.

«The traditions keeper» – O. D. Perederiy.

«Distinguished members» – O. N. Klyon and D. V. Prigoda — 2 reliable sails of our company.

«Financial security»E. V. Kruglyk: «Money likes accounting; it should always be in control.

«Sport Spirit of the company»A. V. Severinenko.

For the creation of a Team Spirit in the companyK. V. Pavlenko. The first door that is opening in the company to our employees is HR’s. Thousands of people were made a part of a team thanks to Kristina.

«Reliable protection of business»L. I. Bardachov. With Leonid Ivanovich, our company is fully protected, like by the stone wall.

«Security guarantee»D. P. Makovei. It is nothing to fear when the security of a company is guaranteed by Dmitry.

Many thanks for delicious Gala-party to N.V. Barabash.

Moscow Office — «Breakthrough of the year». New territories, new successes, new challenges.

After the Ceremony with nomination of the most efficient employees of Cleaning Company DEN, the non-official part of a party began. Corporate New Year — 2013 was held in a friendly, cheerful atmosphere. Summarizing the above said, we can say that 2012 was more than successful for DEN, and 2013 year should be even better!