Citarum: a river or a carpet of debris?

Known than the island of Java, in addition to the incredible temples and natural beauty? Unfortunately, this beautiful island, famous for the fact that it takes the dirtiest river in the world, with the name Citarum. Once upon a time, the locals were taking water from the river for their everyday needs, fishermen catching fish in it, the birds get their food. Water Citarum filled numerous channels that irrigated rice fields.

Over time, people began to use the river as a dumping ground for waste, and today, the river is in the context of ecological disaster, choking with tons of household waste

It's a river, so hard to believe

It’s a river, so hard to believe

and toxic emissions and production plants, standing on the shore. When looking at the river, it seems that in front of you — a carpet of debris, and guess that it is a river, you can only see a small fishing boat that makes its way through the rubble.

To fish in the river, no one is trying to be much more profitable earnings began production of trash out of the water — fishermen catch plastic bottles, rubber gloves, legs of chairs or tables. All this can be sold, having gained a couple of pounds a week. This «fishing», however — very risky, as there is a high probability of catching a dangerous disease.

Along the river there are about 500 factories producing textiles products that require chemical treatment. Services to receive garbage on the island does not exist, therefore the plants shed their industrial waste water Citaruma.

Some 30 years ago, the river was a beautiful place to serve the people, but the process of industrialization turned Citarum in place dropping debris and dirt from the entire island. People taking water from the river for drinking and cooking, every day risking their health, river water soak into the ground, poisoning the rice fields.

Unfortunately, the process of pollution of the river goes on and on. One can only hope that the waste stream will stop before going to suffer irreparable damage to the environment and residents of the island will still perceive as the value given by nature, and not as a given.