Service of snow removal

Autumn is a time of surprises. Autumn weather can change dramatically just in a day — yesterday the day was warm and the sun was shining, and this morning it snowed so now there’s a real winter outside. Such surprises occur from year to year, but usually even the utility service is not ready for them and as a result we have many hours’ traffic on the roads and snow-covered sidewalks.

Special equipment

Special equipment

Owners of private enterprises remember about such things at the last moment, when the problem already arise — there is nobody around to remove the snow and the cars cannot enter the territory of the office, driveways turned into a skating rink, and a perfectly clean office floor is filled with muddy footprints.

The most important thing is not to wait until there are mountains of snow, which then will melt until spring, and take care of snow removal in advance. Cope on your own with snow removal in winter is very difficult, it is not limited to sweeping «snow piles», because on the roof there will be a lot of snow and icicles will deter those wishing to enter the building.

For snow removal in winter season it is necessary to use a sufficient number of specialized cleaning staff, equipment and chemicals: tractors, snow machines, ice axes, special reagents against sliding paths and sidewalks and trucks — because the snow must not only be swiped, but also removed from the territory. All of these have the companies that provide services of professional cleaning. They will follow the order and provide cleanliness on the territory entrusted to them, will deal with the cleaning staff, purchase and maintenance the equipment, control the process and the quality of cleaning.

You just have to choose a company that will meet all your requirements. It is advisable to choose a company that has enough experience in such work and who know which equipment and chemicals must be used for cleaning of different surfaces.

Cooperation with the DEN cleaning company will bring you not only cleanliness, but also comfortable and professional interaction “client-company”.