70th Anniversary of Victory We congratulate you on the Day of the Great Victory, a holiday that gave us the biggest gift of Peace and Life. On this day, we express our deep gratitude and respect to all the heroes and won’t ever forget their feat . We wish you health, happiness and kindness. Happy Victory’s Day!  »»»
Congratulations to all women on March 8! We congratulate all of the beautiful half of the humanity with the spring holiday — International Women’s day. Let your kindness and love always warm your beloved people who can feel this Congratulations! the most. Let you celebrate the March, 8th fabulously, and your lives become more intresting, colourful and full of happiness!  »»»
UpCycling: making garbage useful Useful garbage UpCycling is a new name for a pretty old craft. UpCycling — is the process of recycling, in which the end-product is supposed to be of superior quality rather than the original material. This craft is very popular among people who are concerned about the solution of such environmental issue as garbage pollution. If we collected all the dumps of the world in one place, the total... »»»
Service of snow removal Autumn is a time of surprises. Autumn weather can change dramatically just in a day — yesterday the day was warm and the sun was shining, and this morning it snowed so now there’s a real winter outside. Such surprises occur from year to year, but usually even the utility service is not ready for them and as a result we have many hours’ traffic on the roads and snow-covered sidewalks. Special... »»»
When a bottle becomes flat. A new form of plastic bottles In an age of global computerization one can observe the “flattering” trend , when mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other electronic gadgets are becoming thinner and up to completely flat. Manufacturers of bottles also try to keep up with the trend, so they presented to the world Memobottle — first flat plastic bottle in the world. This bottle can easily fit in any bag between the tablet... »»»
Shoes from plastic – simple solution for the Big Problem   «All that you buy is garbage» – it’s a name of the project, whose members are collecting garbage lying on the banks of the River Thames and create shoes out of this waste. Sneakers from garbage The idea of the project belongs to three students from the United Kingdom — Charles Duffy, William Gubbins and Billy Turvey. The essence of the project is that the guys collect all kinds... »»»
The Mission is: Сlean Space Mankind has long been the intended to know the universe, launching space shuttles and rockets. We get the information, transmitted to us via satellites, but only few of us know what happens to the fragments of rockets and used satellites? The answer is simple: all this garbage is not burned, as one would expect, but simply is accumulating, drifting in the space. The European Space Agency (ESA) has... »»»
Citarum: a river or a carpet of debris? Known than the island of Java, in addition to the incredible temples and natural beauty? Unfortunately, this beautiful island, famous for the fact that it takes the dirtiest river in the world, with the name Citarum. Once upon a time, the locals were taking water from the river for their everyday needs, fishermen catching fish in it, the birds get their food. Water Citarum filled numerous channels... »»»
Happy Victory Anniversary!   May 9 is the day in our hearts that symbolizes the victory over fascism. That day many decades ago had stopped the most terrible war — the Second World War. We paid too dear price for the Victory — the cost of millions of lives of our people.   Our duty is to remember the heroism of those, who granted us a peaceful sky above, a free land from invaders; and we remember with... »»»
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