Soap Nuts — a godsend for washing and cleaning Soap Nuts There’s no secret that washing powders have negative impact on the environment – phosphates which are present mostly in all types of powders contaminate wastewater, and then end up in water reservoirs, thus contaminating the water and land. Soap Nuts is a new alternative to the usual washing powder, given by our mother nature, growing in Pakistan, India and other Eastern states. Of course,... »»»
Caution – Danger on the Carpet! British professional cleaners, with the help of epidemiologists, conducted a study which results are rather shocking. The object of the study was the carpets, the presence of which is the hallmark of almost every modern home. Danger on the Carpet The soles of the feet of people of all ages were subjected to an experiment for purity; it showed a high concentration of bacteria which cause pneumonia and... »»»
A child in the house. Tips for cleaning — Do not wipe all surfaces daily in the house, armed with a disinfectant. Remains of aggressive disinfectants can cause allergies and irritation to the delicate skin of a baby crawling on the floor. If your child loves to play or crawl on the floor, wipe the floor with clean warm water. If there is dirt on thr floor coverings, you can add a few drops of baby dishwashing detergent. A child in... »»»
Artificial corals: Oceans without heavy metals China is very famous for its sci-developments. Today we will be acquainted with their invention for the preservation of aquatic ecosystems on the planet. So, Chinese science specialists and part-time employees of the University of Anhui Jianzhu invented a material capable of cleaning water of the oceans from heavy metals (by the way, highly toxic). Artificial corals Special nanoplates, which consist... »»»
Smart Glass Beats Smart Windows Once again, scientists from the University of Texas have invented a smart glass, which will reduce the cost of cooling premises — in summer, and economise on heating — in the cold season of the year. The trick is in selective passing through of light & heat. Compared with the invented material in 2013 by prof. Delaiah Milliron, new material in the «blackout regime» can block... »»»
How often is cleaned the public transport in St. Petersburg? We investigated this question, having looked up the acting rules on Performing Cleaning in the public transport. St. Petersburg’ State Unitary Enterprise «Passazhir Avto Trans» According to the regulations of sanitary norms, buses of PassazhirAvtoTrans are disinfected once/3 Mo. Thus cleaners are using special antibacterial agents killing disease-causing bacteria. This service is provided... »»»
Clean the house quickly and safe! It requires only a couple of ingredients available in the arsenal of every housewife: Try this wonderful mean to keep the house clean! — Hydrogen peroxide — Baking soda And that’s it! Take a deep container (or a bowl) and mix there ¼ of a cup of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide (until reaching a condition of a paste). The resulting slurry has to be put on a sponge or usual tissue and... »»»
Experts tested the popular detergents 6 brands of laundry detergents that Russians are buying the most frequently had been checked by Roskontrol on performance indicators of washing and health safety. Test were passed by the detergents, suitable for washing machine — Persil, Ariel, Tide, Myth 3 in 1, Dosia and Pemos. Detergents The best-hit for washing and stain removal became Persil.  But specialists have found that a good result... »»»
Robots will analyze the purity of the Moscow streets In Moscow it is planned to test the robots capable of automatic assessment of the level of air pollution and noise on the streets. Conduction of assessment research is assigned in the area of ​​Ostankino and VDNKh. Ecorobot The route of movement of robots is difficult to predict — it will be determined in the course of collecting the data, taking into account the obstacles in the path, caused... »»»
Nikita – cleanliness at a large areas in record time Nikita is a unique machine for cleaning carpets and hard floors. The machine has so high performance that for only 1 hour of operation it can clean out qualitatively up to 1000 m2. Two rotating brushes 70 cm wide, to which the concentrated detergent is poured, can wash a huge area for a short time. With just one such device, with additional accessories and operator one can considerably save the costs... »»»
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