«DEN» cleaning company has a policy of staff-management, which is in hiring only professionals with good reputation in the market. We believe that good reputation of our company depends straight on the people who provide the cleaning services. That’s why we hire only people with good practical skills and reputation, to serve our clients the best way.

Professional cleaning services are services with the use of modern technology, specialized equipment, and high-quality certified cleaning products. The high level of service is provided by professional cleaning service employees, with their knowledge and experience in the sphere of cleaning.

Employees of the cleaning company DEN will help you keep the room, and the surrounding area, clean and tidy. They will also advise on the best choice of finishing materials in the design of the office, apartment building, or cottage. This can significantly reduce the cost of future maintenance, and repair of the facilities, and also will extend the life of the coating, and maintain the perfect look longer.

Our service is successfully used by many russian and international companies, among which are shopping centers, supermarkets, railway stations, airports, banks, medical and sports organizations, business centers, private and public industrial enterprises, construction, warehousing, transportation companies, hotels, cinemas, and entertainment clubs.

We, the cleaning company «DEN», define the advantages of our cleaning services with the following factors:

  • High quality at every level of service.
  • Specially trained personnel, with tools and materials for exclusive and sophisticated types of work (such as the crystallization of marble, etc.).
  • Competitive pricing; the cost of our services will be less than the cost of the current cleaning service of the client.
  • Efficiency to perform cleaning work that is carried out as soon as possible; for the convenience of the client, and also at needed time of day.
  • Making cleaning services at the highest level of performance, for the comfort of our clients.

We meet all the criteria for choosing a cleaning company: the authority in cleaning field of business, a wide range of services, reasonable pricing, high quality of equipment, the required safety of cleaning, staff qualifications, quality monitoring system performance, and quality of work.

Individual approach to each client gives our company the opportunity to choose the optimum value of the service package. Our experts will inspect the premises free of charge, and will evaluate the level of contamination, cross-country, the types and volumes of work, and more.

Based on this data, the client receives the necessary recommendations to the list of procedures for cleaning, number of employees, special equipment, consumables, and operating hours. The decision to take our company for cleaning services comes from a rational approach to pricing and the desire to do our job in the best way in the market.