Industrial alpinism

Previously, Moscow, and many large cities of the country have grown in breadth, absorbing neighboring towns and villages. In the past half century, the capital is growing steadily upward zastraivaya high-rise buildings are 9, 16, 25 or more floors. High-rise buildings require special care, and this fact played a major role in the emergence of a new profession — industrial climber.

Industrial climbing involves technology of work on industrial and residential sites where jobs are high above the ground and climber reaches its going down or going up with the help of special equipment. First to perform simple work at height hired athletes, then formed in demand profession. Equipment and methods of the insurance industry to come out of the sport climbing and improved further by insurance, because the daily work at height requires increased security measures.

With new modern profession runs a huge range of activities, bearing repair and restoration character: plastering and painting of facades, building insulation, installation of various designs. Forces are promalpinistov and cleaning services, which consist in the purification of the facades and window cleaning constructions in the summer and removing icicles and snow from roofs in the winter.

No matter what kinds of works were not carried out at height, they are classified as high risk, so it attracted only to the trained people who have undergone special training and certification. A company in the state of which the number of industrial climbers are required to have documents that allow to carry out these high-altitude work.

The reasons for the demand for industrial alpinism

Job Industrial climber firmly established in our lives and gained popularity. Today it is possible to name a few important factors increasing the demand for high altitude:

  • the ability to perform the work without the installation of scaffolding or lifting equipment rental;
  • the ability to carry out work in confined spaces and in areas to which access is complicated;
  • Works and unlimited height;
  • To minimize the risk of damage to the elements of the facade;
  • speed of workflow and performance;
  • the possibility of savings, because the cost of work performed method of industrial mountaineering lower than with the assistance of lifting equipment.

The company «DEN», ​​having qualified personnel in high altitude and the corresponding permits, offers customers perform aerial work in any volume and any complexity, including non-standard architecture.

The cost of aerial work in the company «DEN» is formed strictly individual after a thorough inspection of the building professionals, because every object has its own characteristics. We offer the best and competitive prices, ensuring high quality of any type of work in a strictly specified time.